Terms of Purchase

Between Keli Technology

BP20533 58005 Nevers

registered with RCS NEVERS 481 704 978


hereinafter referred to as "the beneficiary"

Keli Technology is a company specialized in providing services such as design and hosting linked to the Internet. The general conditions govern the relations between the company Keli Technology, SARL with a capital of 3200 euros, whose registered office is located in Nevers (58000), BP 20533 58005 NEVERS Cedex, registered with the RCS of Nevers under the number 481 704 978 and the beneficiary. Prior to any transaction, the beneficiary acknowledges having read, at the time of placing the order, the general and special conditions and expressly declares to accept them without reservation. The signing of the order form materializes full acceptance of the general conditions, which are the only ones applicable to the order.


The Keli Technology Company hereby undertakes to perform the services detailed in the description of the offer in return for their payment by the beneficiary. The parties decide to subject the conditions of this collaboration solely to the provisions of this contract.


The contract is concluded for a period determined in the description of the offer.

In the event of early termination of the latter, KELI TECHNOLOGY undertakes to provide the customer with the documents necessary for the proper functioning of the site as well as the means of access to the accommodation subscribed within a period of eight days. The sums paid for a year of services started are not refundable

At the end of this period, the beneficiary can take out a maintenance contract. This contract will eventually be renewed by tacit agreement for periods of the same duration unless explicitly terminated by one of the parties, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, granting the other party at least one month's notice. This termination will be free and will not involve any compensation on either side, except abusive acts. In this case, KELI TECHNOLOGY undertakes to provide the customer with the documents necessary for the proper functioning of the site as well as the means of access to the accommodation subscribed within a period of eight days.


Unless there are special provisions, Keli Technology undertakes to: - design and put online the website, - host the site for the period provided for in the description of the offer, Keli Technology undertakes to provide a hosting service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with the exception of: - an event arising from force majeure; - maintenance and upkeep operations on the Server Center; - operations to update the service by the beneficiary (updating means any operation (s) on the content of the site after its delivery).


The beneficiary undertakes to make every effort to provide the information necessary for the creation and hosting of the site or any other service. He ensures that he is the holder of the intellectual property rights and of all national and international authorizations for the distribution of images, texts, videos and documents of any kind, allowing him to conclude this agreement and that it is not likely to infringe the rights of third parties. The beneficiary authorizes Keli Technology to use its name and logo as well as that of the referenced products for the promotion of the site and to leave an ostensible reference to Keli Technology as designer of the site.


In return for the services, Keli Technology receives fees, the amount of which is specified on the order form. Payment is made according to the terms set out in these regulations, by check, bank transfer or promissory note. Failing to comply with these payment conditions, Keli Technology reserves the right to suspend these services without the beneficiary being able to avail himself of any recourse. The application of this clause does not exempt payment of the invoices due.


Keli Technology reserves the right to modify at any time the characteristics of its technical infrastructures and the choice of its technical suppliers. These modifications must, however, make it possible to offer performance at least equivalent to those provided at the time of signing this contract. Given the complexity of global networks, the unequal capacities of the different subnetworks, the influx of users at certain times, the service provider can in no way be held responsible for access speeds from other sites around the world or external slowdowns. Keli Technology may have to interrupt the service for maintenance purposes of its server center.It cannot be held liable if its server was unavailable for reasons of force majeure such as long-term failure of the public electricity distribution network, strikes, riots, wars, storms, earthquakes, failure of the public telecommunications network. , losses of Internet connectivity due to public and private operators on which Keli Technology depends.


After receipt of the site, any modifications made to the beneficiary's request and in particular to the services requested will be invoiced on the basis of the time spent on the basis of 55 Euros excluding taxes per hour.


The clauses of this contract express the entire agreement between the two parties. The beneficiary undertakes to regularize within 8 days of acceptance hereof a website design and hosting contract which he acknowledges having already read.


If there is a dispute relating to the execution or interpretation of this contract, and in the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, the Nevers court will have sole jurisdiction.

The beneficiary declares to have read and accepts the general conditions of sale.